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Store, organize, and protect all your Magnetic Rhinestone Templates in one convenient box. Storage Boards are 9" x 12", double sided and magnetic receptive on both sides. Templates adhere to storage board and easily lift off when until ready for use. Storage boards easily stack inside the box with dividers and a foam cushion to prevent jostling. Box includes tuck top tabs to avoid accidental opening.

* Rhinestone Templates shown in images are not included with item.


Storage Box 10" x 13" x 2"  (inside dimensions = 12.125" x 9.25" x 2")

      Can store up to 10 Storage Boards.

      Tuck Top Tabs prevent box from opening accidentally.

Storage Boards 9" x 12"   (Quantity choices = 5 or 10)

      Double Sided Magnetic Receptive

Cardboard Dividers (4)

      Separates Storage Boards ands prevents magnets from attaching to each other.

Foam Cushion

      Prevents jostling of storage boards.

* Rhinestone Templates shown in images ar not included with item.