4 Easy Steps To Bling Anything In Minutes!


    Create your unique designs by arranging the magnetic templates on a steel tray.

  2. SWEEP

    Sweep rhinestones over templates and watch as they magically fall into place shiny side up.

  3. LIFT

    Lift rhinestones with the Hotfix Transfer Tape to create your custom rhinestone transfer.

  4. APPLY

    Apply rhinestones to nearly any substrate with an iron or heat press.

Patented Flexible Magnetic Rhinestone Template System allows you to arrange multiple templates together to create a design. - It's the perfect solution for lettering and names. - Magnetic Rhinestone Templates align rhinestones automatically shiny side up. - Extra strength flexible magnetic templates hold firmly to any metal surface while lifting rhinestones with hot fix tape. - Fabric-applied rhinestones are washable and will last years. Wash and dry as normal, inside out if possible. - See images for design size details. - A large variety of other magnetic template designs and letter templates are available. - 100% Satisfaction is guaranteed. Additional Items Needed For Optimal Performance - Metal baking pan or magnetic receptive surface to layout templates on. - 10ss/3mm Hot Fix Rhinestones - Rhinestone Brush to sweep rhinestones into the holes. - Hot Fix Transfer Tape to lift the rhinestones from templates.