Love To Sew & Quilt Bling Kit

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Express your passion for sewing and quilting. Bling out almost anything with sewing and quilt designs. Create unlimited rhinestone designs for shirts, totebags, and more.
A. Magnetic Design Templates
         * Sewing and Quilt Designs  (see images)
B. Rhinestones
         * Crystal  Clear 10ss (3mm) 10 gross (1,440)
         * Light Siam (Red) 10ss (3mm) 10 gross (1,440)
         * Sapphire Blue 10ss (3mm) 10 gross (1,440)
C. Hot Fix Transfer Film (reusable)
         * 6 Sheets 8.5" x 11"
D. Rhinestone Sweeping Pad
E. Layout Tray

Additional Magnetic Design Templates, Rhinestones, and Accessories sold separately.

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