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Welcome to Rhinestone Genie!

My name is David Ihm and I am excited to share with you a new invention of mine to embellish clothing, paper crafts, scrapbooks and many other items with rhinestones. I have over twenty years of experience in the graphic display and garment decoration industry. The idea for Rhinestone Genie came from a more complex professional system I was using. Much of my time over the last few years has been spent developing and perfecting the Rhinestone Genie so home crafters and sewers can embellish items like a professional for a fraction of the cost. I am proud of the product and how anyone can learn how to use the Rhinestone Genie system in minutes and start placing up to two hundred rhinestones per minute.

What We Do
Our company developed, manufactures, and sells the Rhinestone Genie embellishment system, as well as accessories and supplies to be used with the system. We sell retail directly to the consumer on our website and at events, we also sell wholesale to retailers that carry our products, and Rhinestone Genie is also available through independent reps at home parties and events. We welcome discussion on any ideas you may have on promoting our product and encourage you to contact us with your ideas. 

How It All Started
The saying "Necessity is the mother of all inventions" is certainly true in this case. I was part of a company that sold rhinestone systems to professional garment decorators, embroiderers, and screenprinters. The cost of these systems was quite high and out of reach of many small business owners and most home crafters. I listened to my customers as they asked for a fast, affordable and easier method to decorate with rhinestones. Inspiration hit me one day and the basic concept for the Rhinestone Genie was born. What seemed like a simple product to develop was in reality much harder. My perseverance paid off in the end and Rhinestone Genie is now a successful product with many users. Rhinestone Genie currently has a patent application pending and expects to have  a full patent granted soon.

Where We Are Headed
More design templates, additional rhinestone sizes, and new methods of decorating. Please contact us with any ideas or input on how we can improve our products, we welcome your suggestions.

Our Mission
To brighten up the world, hundreds of rhinestones at a time.

Thank you for visiting our website, learning about our products, and any purchases you have made. I am dedicated to producing the highest quality products possible at affordable prices. I welcome your input, please send me emails at , attention Dave.


                                                                       David Ihm